Having trouble with Sengled Smart LED with Motion Sensor

Anyone have any success with this bulb w/ integrated motion sensor? I bought a pair of them and I’m having trouble.

I guess I naively assumed that either the bulb would show up as a single Thing with both motion sensor and light properties, or as two separate Things, one being a Motion Sensor Thing and the other a Light Thing.

They’re currently only displaying as a Motion Sensor Thing, and even that doesn’t seem to be working (never shows as motion=true).

They’re currently behaving just as normal dumb-bulbs. If they’re receiving power, they’re on. Very expensive floodlights!

Would you mind opening an issue here?

@mrstegeman Added: https://github.com/mozilla-iot/zigbee-adapter/issues/196

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Really hoping these bulbs can work. I’m looking for an outdoor motion sensor and having one that doesn’t require batteries and is (at least somewhat) weather resistant is needed here in rainy Oregon.