Help in directing people how best to describe their problems

If this is too “meta” or is best discussed elsewhere do say, but thought I’d mention just in case it had potential :slight_smile:

The discussion here on Mozilla’s Discourse for Deep Speech is great and it’s so positive to see all the enthusiasm, but increasingly I’m seeing people new to the forum who seem to struggle to understand what makes a good post. Often that leads to the people trying to help having to hint more and more directly what to do and it doesn’t seem terribly efficient overall (plus I suspect it’s wearing for some people after a while!)

I don’t claim to be an expert in “the perfect post” myself, but generally it seems useful with this topic if people post fairly precise instructions of:

  • what their data is (source, amount)
  • what their setup is
  • command lines used
  • the output (especially any error but also not skipping key parts)

Obviously this will not always be required but it’s useful fairly often and certainly better than those “it’s broken, please help” entries.

The challenge is that someone who’s just inexperienced yet keen often looks very similar to someone who’s lazy and wanting others to do work (even though they haven’t made much effort).

What I wondered was whether some brief words in the Topic Template might help guide new people.

I’m guessing nothing too heavy handed (it’s healthy to assume most people are well intentioned!) but maybe a pointer or two (or a link to a “model” post example?)

Topic Templates are discussed here:

It’s similar to the Issue Template concept on GitHub.

Anyone got any thoughts (pro/against or perhaps for other approaches)


Yes, we have that setup, I did not knew we could do it on Discourse as well. Can’t be a bad thing :slight_smile: