Help mobilize the Add-ons Localization campaign

Hello Reps,

We have just launched the Add-ons localization campaign: The Add-on Localization Campaign is happening: Join us!

And we need Reps in the target locales to help mobilize and spread the campaign. Try to reach out your local communities looking for:

  • People who can help localize but was waiting for an opportunity to get started in the community.
  • Localizers who have been more casual in the past. We have already talked with core localizers so they provide space for new people in this campaign.

Any question? Please ask, this campaign will be open until July 2nd.

Let’s show the mobilizer potential of the Reps community! :smiley:


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Hey Reps,

We really need help mobilizing the Dutch localization, we haven’t had any activity so far (ping @Tim_maks @Fjoerfoks)

Also Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Italian and Japanese are still under 50%, please tap into your networks and reach out people speaking these languages to contribute (even if they were not mozillians yet)


Send (again) a message to our telegramgroup, mailinglist and posted a message on facebook and twitter. Activity slowly starting :slight_smile:

Update on day 7: The Add-on Localization Campaign is happening: Join us!

  • Chinese is ready for approvals, Spanish and Dutch are strong.
  • Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Russian need a big push.
  • Italian and Dutch did a great work during last weekend :muscle: :fox_face:

We are one week away from the end of the campaign, let’s keep mobilizing our communities to support this campaign, great work so far! :smiley:


Tip of the day, share something like this in your local (social) networks: "Do you know English and want to contribute to Mozilla in an easy way? Join the Firefox Add-ons Localization Campaign before July 2nd"

Portuguese big push has done! :smiley:
We’re now in the 90% :v:

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For France, I know this is moving forward.
but personally, I have not yet had the time to find the time to participate … logically this week, I should be able between my different talks.


Update on day 9: The Add-on Localization Campaign is happening: Join us!

We really need help mobilizing communities to vote strings, although some locales have all suggestions completed, the localization is not completed if the strings are not approved, and the approvers won’t be able to do this in time if we don’t help them with votes, so they can approve based on that without having to read every strings again and again.

  • Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian → We need people to vote to help approvers or localizations won’t be completed.
  • French, German → We need a final push with suggestions and keep voting.
  • Japanese, Russian, Polish → We need to involve more people or these locales won’t make it for July the 2nd.

Keep the great mobilizing work Reps! :muscle: :fox_face:

Update on day 11: The Add-on Localization Campaign is happening: Join us!

We are just 3 days away to finish the campaign and six locales are already approving the final strings, core localizers will need all your help to avoid a big workload.

French and German need still some suggestions, let’s mobilize these communities for the final push.

Unless we engage a lot of people during the weekend, Japanese, Russian, Polish are still mid-way with the suggestions, I suggest communities to organize a day during this weekend to advance the work here.

Let’s do a final push this weekend to mobilize our communities and have these languages finished, go Reps! :muscle: :fox_face:

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Hi all,

We are now in the QA phase, testing the localized add-ons before sending the final strings to authors


Edit: Note that some add-ons like 1-click have their preferences with hard-coded English strings and that’s why they appear untranslated.

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