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I am conducting research for a school project about how people participate with Common Voice (“Speak” and “Listen”). My team is looking for two people to interview 30-45 minutes. We are currently scheduling interviews from May 9th to May 20th.

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Please help :slight_smile:

Hey @J_G & @Dylan_Hardman, welcome to Common Voice. Can you please provide some more information?

  • What school, what project?
  • What is your goal?
  • Are these public presentations or one-to-one interviews?
  • What kind of person are you looking for: Actual donators? Language community leads who can summarize their experiences? People with cross-community knowledge?
  • etc

We are coming from the University of California, Santa Cruz in the Human-Computer Interaction department. We’re conducting a small research project around Mozilla Common Voice with the goal of better understanding of how users interact with the AI and contribute to it. Our focus on this project is to research how users listen to, judge, and either accept or reject a recorded prompt. These interviews will be one-on-one with the intent of doing some usability testing of the service and doing standard interviews with the users. We’re looking for any users who contribute to the site, but since our focus is on the listening aspect it might be better to get people who have participated in that aspect of Common Voice. We don’t need anyone with any particular knowledge-base we just want to understand the general user-base of the Common Voice community. Hope that helps.

Understood. The problem is casual users usually don’t come here. Frequent users around here are mostly ML scientists, experts, and programmers, some of them are also language leads. But they can help you reach normal users.

If you cannot find any candidates, you can drop a PM, I can be of help from both sides.

Hey @bozden, thanks for replying to our request. I was out of town for a few days and just got back today. I’m really interested in Common Voice and think what you and others have built here is an excellent service.

In addition to what Dylan said, we plan to research and test the “Speak” and “Listen” portions and the contribution criteria of Common Voice with users who are not familiar with this system. We want to understand how people judge the pronunciation spoken/recorded sentences with a few different research methods and whether or not people feel comfortable recording their voice here. Other topics include accents and dialects of the English language.

We would also like to talk with a few Common Voice experts about how Common Voice works and how we as jr. UX researchers/designers can generate and contribute useful research findings for this class project at UCSC. If you or another expert here has some time this week or the next, we would appreciate a short conversation about Common Voice over video chat.

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You should find new contributors for this purpose. Anyone who uses CV, easily gets familiar with the system - not the inner workings, not the ML part, but the UI.

That would require mostly native English speakers and/or linguists. I’m not native.

I can never call myself an expert, I’m merely a community lead (Turkish), but I have some level of knowledge from our work. If you cannot find anybody more appropriate, I’ll be happy to share my knowledge (I’m on UTC+3 timezone).

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Hey both - this sounds really interesting. I’m the Product Lead for Common Voice - I’m happy to connect about some of this too, if it’s helpful. I’m on :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback, bozden! I’ll let you know if we need your help. One of our cohort members is from Turkey, so it’s possible we can expand this user research to other languages. :slight_smile:

Hey @Em.Lewis-Jong, thanks for reaching out to us. We will take any feedback we can get from people like you, who play a significant role in CV. I’ll send you a message at the email provided. Best, J_G