Help senior citizen with 2FA on AndroidFFox

Hello, On "SOME"websites during login when I hit the button to send 2FA to my phone via text I then have to open my “messages” app to get that 2FA code because it isn’t totally visible in the messages popup. HERE STARTS THE PROBLEM. When I then bring Firefox from background to foreground and I can’t enter the 2FA code I just got because it automatically refreashes the page as it cimes back to foreground requiring me to reenter a 2FA request… Hence an infinite loop of not being able to get past the 2FA request page. This doesn’t happen in Chrome on my phone or on FFox on my laptop.

I’m on SS Galaxy A10 with all updates current as of Apr 1 2022. I am not running any AV except built in.

If this is wrong forum could a moderator please move it to correct one?