There is a bug in 2FA that prevents me from accessing my account

Recently mozilla rolled out 2FA security features and they made it required for It’s pretty great to see security improvements, but unfortunately, i’m now locked out of my account and unable to update my extension.

While trying to enrol into 2FA – my code doesn’t get accepted.

  • I’ve tried multiple android apps, firefox extensions and etc.
  • I double-checked that my time settings are synched with servers (and synched google auth app as well)

With zero luck.

Basically, Google Auth works with any other services (I have github and couple of crypto exchanges), but not with mozilla’s website.

Are there any chances that this will get fixed somehow? maybe a workaround? maybe yubikey’s will get supported (they are more secure)?

What can I do to get access to my extensions back?

I have the same problem with 2FA on AMO website. The 2FA initialization process loop. The page “Confirm recovery code” displays “Two-step authentication enabled”. But we can’t go forward (only “back” & “cancel” button). See this screenshot : 2FA-screenshot
I specify that no android (11) applications work. I can only go to this (loop) step with Keeppassxc (linux)