Help us get more Firefox Accounts - Join Firefox Campaign


Earlier this month we wrote about how Firefox Accounts support Mozilla’s mission. Today we’re asking you to join the campaign, to spread the word about how having a Firefox Account helps people stay safe and control online.

Having a Firefox Account lets users share files securely, keep their passwords safe, sync their browser across devices, and test new products. It also builds your relationship with Firefox.

Before the end of the year our goal is to bring in 5,000 new relationships through Firefox Accounts - and we need your help to do it.

We’ve put together a ton of awesome shareable videos, graphics, and ideas to help you spread the word and we’ll be tracking our progress here as we get closer to the goal.

Will you help us reach 5,000 new people? Join the Join Firefox campaign, spread the word and help build a web that is open and accessible to all!


Great initiative. I have posted it on 3 FB pages, 1 FB group, twitter and also LinkedIn!

Hi there, I am new around here and have some time on my hands to help out! Message me if theres a group I can join - I can do marketing work, and admin stuff! I will send this out on my twitter!


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We don’t have currently a team for this campaign as everyone can participate. If you are interested in helping with social initiatives, we have a group of Mozillians that interact on telegram about social media initiatives. Would you be interested in this?

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Hey Couci, I’d love to join your team and help with social media initiatives. Let me know how to get started.