Help us Unfck the internet

Hello Amazing Reps,

On November 10th we will engage with opinion leaders to support the Unfck the Internet campaign.

Please join in the effort to highlight the best and eradicate the worst of the Internet!

To this end we are asking you:

  • Spread the word about the campaign in your local community
  • Share, on Twitter or Instagram, stories on how you have taken action to unfck the internet, individually or with your community. Use #UnfcktheInternet and #communitystories
  • Use the UnfcktheInternet overlay on an image of yourself (or any other content you wish!)
  • Tag @unfcktheinternet for your Instagram posts
  • Localize the campaign (we suggest that you do not translate unfck)
  • Sign in to our community campaign, and discover more on how you can help to UnFck the internet.

Please, remind your communities to hold on posting about the campaign until the 10th November, when we will all post together!

Check here for goodies, templates and information on how you can involve the audience we are trying to reach.

Keep rockin’ the free and open web!