Help us spread the word about the new Photo Campaign

Hello Amazing Reps

Help us spread the word about our new Photos Campaign, and involve your friends and community.

We are asking Firefox Users which are indie artists or makers helping to ignite change in the world to share their story with Firefox’s Global Audience.

We’re looking to feature independent makers and doers (musicians, designers, writers, bakers, florists, activists, you name it) — people with equal parts passion and purpose. If selected, their photo, name and story will appear in front of Firefox fans around the world.

Those selected might also be invited to have a professional photoshoot done in their space (make sure that you are comfortable with that before submitting your candidature). The campaign is open to participants from all over the world.

Participants can submit their candidature using this form. Participate yourself and share the form with your community!

Keep rockin’ the free and open web!