"Hey, thanks for Firefox Quantum, it's really good"

(Florian Gilcher) #1

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been having an awesome conference trip last Thursday I wanted to share. I was a goto Berlin, speaking on Rust, running around in my techspeaker hoodie.

People randomly approached just to say thanks for Firefox Quantum and how they liked the new release. This wasn’t only a small thing, there were at least 5 or so over the conference.

Because I was not involved in the making, nor in the marketing of it, I promised to pass the thanks on, which I’m hereby doing :).

Also thanks from me and keep up the good work!


(Rubén Martín [Away till April 2nd]) #2

I’ve received a few messages over social media commenting “I used to use Firefox and switched to Chrome time ago, after trying Quantum I’m coming back for sure, thanks!”

PS: Let’s turn this topic into an appreciation topic for Quantum sharing our happy stories! :wink:

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