Hey UK Mozillians

(newfive) #1

Hey UK Mozillians, thought a welcome thread may be in order.

I’m hoping to get involved with the web components, x-tags, polymer stuff soon.

How are you involved with the Mozilla community, user, developer, lurker?


(Steve Lee) #2

Hi. I dabble as a user and dev in accessibility, FirefoxOS, Tablet Contribution Program,MDN, AppMaker and just went to the amazing MozFest in London. Oh and I use Firefox as my main desktop browser on PC and Linux :slight_smile:

And you?

(Spike) #3

Hello. Mainly a lurker :slight_smile: My main claim to fame as a Mozillian is helping to run Mozfest for the last four years (and counting).

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(Steve Lee) #4

And a awesome job you do too :slight_smile: Was great to meet you there.

(Doug Belshaw) #5

Hi everyone, I work for the Foundation on Webmaker. I work remotely in the north-east of England (Morpeth, Northumberland) to be precise.


(Spike) #6

(blush) thanks Steve - pleased that you think the MozFest volunteers did a good job :slight_smile:

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(Rob Thijssen) #7

Since this is as close to a “Hi Mozilla UK, I’m new here!” thread as I could find:

Hi Mozilla UK, I’m new here! I’m a remotie working with RelOps. I’m on IRC as grenade in #releng and related channels. I live in Plymouth (sunny wet Devon), ride a big motorcycle and work out of a colo in Plymouth Science Park. Come visit me, I have a great coffee and cookies setup, see:


(Andrew Williamson) #8

Hi Rob,
Welcome! I’m not so new and live in slightly colder Sheffield. I’m a remotee working on Marketplace.

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