Mozilla UK Community Room on Matrix

As moznet is shortly due to close, I’ve created a Mozilla UK (mozilla-uk) room on Matrix.
Is there anywhere else this needs to be mentioned?

That is interesting Ian,

Everywhere else seems to be generally in the format (ref

Could you post a link to the new ‘room’ please as a search on matrix did
not find it for me.


Hi, I have now added it to the wiki. It is of the format you mentioned so
Link is

Not sure why you couldn’t find it as the room is marked as being listed in’s room directory and putting UK into Riot’s explore for brings up the entry.

I do notice that if you search instead there are two entries:

Thank you for doing that Ian,

Neither the link in this email or the link on the wiki work for me
though - I just get the continuous spinning wheel and ‘loading’ :frowning:


You do need to have registered an account with Mozilla’s Matrix to connect, so perhaps that is the issue.
Alternatively I have enabled the IRC bridge integration which means it is linked to #mozilla-uk on the Freenode IRC network

I can see and post to

  • I assumed I had a registered account.