Hi want to download all JavaScript info legally

Hi can i download all or some parts of ur website for offline use?
I can’t afford to buy books about JavaScript and also can’t afford to be always connected to the net most of the time.
Also there is no PDF download option about the stuff i want on ur website.
So can u give me the Permission to save required pages or ur entire website for offline use?
Also are there any free useful JavaScript books for download?

Please answer. Thanks

Hello @black_sun

first i am not mozilla employee i am just student like you

you can download part or all website for offline use it’s fine

and glad to see that there some people respect others work and do not use illegal way to get their work

for the js books here in mdn there 2 tutorial one

  1. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/JavaScript this is for beginner

  2. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Guide this for deep learning you can use it for beginner also but it had more info and knowledge compared to the first one
    you can think that the first link is a short path so you can start with the second one also if you like

unfortunately i am not expert to advice you with any name for books and also it hard to find free book in legal way on the internet unless it will be very old one which would be teaching old tech style

hope others help you also if they know anything and have a nice day :slight_smile:

@justsomeone thanks for your answer here!

A free JS book that I’d recommend that goes along well with our content is Eloquent JavaScript: https://eloquentjavascript.net/

thanks for you @chrisdavidmills :slight_smile:

Hi many thanks Justsome for so quick reply n for all this info :slight_smile: . I already downloaded eloquent js. Its good but a little advanced for person like me. In fact I m learning every HTML n js stuff only on my android 5.1 smartphone n here I found very useful apps like “Learn HTML” n “Learn js” from codeliber and “HTML and CSS basics”.

Also thanks Chris

you very welcome and good luck and if you have any question just create a post here and everyone here help everyone
and we have many different people with different skills in different subject

good luck again and have fun learning and have a nice day