Offline Archive of MDN Learning Web Development

I want an offline copy of Learning Web Development (at least HTML, CSS and Javascript) for learning (ofcourse :smile:). It may sound weird, learning “web-offline”, but I got no other way. I tried Zeal, but it gives me only Reference Manuals of MDN, not the Learning Web Development.
Please suggest me a way :slight_smile:

Hi there!

We would really love to provide a version of MDN, and parts of it, that you can use offline. But we’ve not gotten round to implementing this yet. For the moment, the only option really is to just save the webpage offline.

I will ask the MDN devs if there is a simple option we could implement to make it available offline. A service worker for example that just saves every page you’ve looked at offline…?

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Sorry for late reply. May be yes. I will also have a look at source of these docs and see if I can make an indepent copy of things I need from it

I will download every page and upload it to GitHub for you. Then I will put a link to the repo here in the forum for you. Give me a bit.

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@j.arunmani (or anyone else interested), I have been using Zeal just recently, the learning tutorials are actually available in the offline documents.

In Zeal, the homepage for HTML, CSS, and Javascript are for the references, but you can navigate back in the breadcrumb nav at the top of the page.
For CSS, looks somethings like this:

Web technology for developers > CSS: Cascading Style Sheets>CSS reference.

(Click on the bolded part when in Zeal)
This will bring you to the main CSS page and the links for learning tutorials will be available there. Note that you can only use the CSS tutorials within the CSS docset. If you want to use the learning tutorials for HTML or Javascript you will have to switch to that docset.

Also, if you are having trouble with the “Content Rendering Error” in Zeal,
GitHub offers a solution here.
For Linux users, you will need to change those filepaths to use / instead of \.
Then remove listed file.

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I already have Devhelp, is it possible to use that instead of Zeal?