How to learn Javascript?

I know Html and CSS BUT I am a BEGINNER at Javascript. It all looks like scribble to me and I don’t understand a thing. I need a book that will teach me Javascript but I learn by doing so just reading won’t help me at all. I learned HTML and CSS by actually doing the examples and creating a website step by step. I need the same for Javascript. Any good books out there like that? I need a book that will teach me with actual exercises.

@onegold88 I take it you’ve tried our JavaScript tutorials? They are written very much with doing in mind, with lots of practical exercises. I’d be interested in your feedback on what they are missing in terms of your learning needs.


Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming by Marijn Haverbeke is recommended. However when learning to code in a new language I use Codeacademy, as it allows me to use what has been taught in theory. Although book exercises are helpful it’s better having a more hands-on approach when coding. Hope this helps, best of luck.

I would recommend “Effective Javascript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the power of JavaScript”. This book will teach you how to write an effective program. You will be able to learn to write programs with practices.

Moreover, I use Udemy tutorials to learn Javascript. Udemy is good with tutorials and Students are interactive their teacher on their course. It is very handy.