Highlight a Network request with a security error

Hi, I first want to thank you for the amazing job you do on the Firefox dev tools!

I got an issue that confused me a lot, but I was able to see it instantly in Chrome dev tools and solve it. We’re using local hosted https without a certificate. Now, to access the sites themselves there’s no problem, FF just shows the warning page, and I can choose to trust it. But when requesting from an API, it’s a different situation.
The request got stuck on OPTIONS stage and that’s it.

Clicking the request, and selecting the security tab shows the problem:


Double clicking it opens a tab with the request, so it can be approved.

I’ve learned my lesson, but for the future, I suggest, to highlight the request itself in the log and mark it somehow, to make it obvious this is the situation.

Thanks a lot.

Sorry to hear. This is a good use case to keep in mind for our work to making CORS errors more approachable, especially as the OPTIONS requests look like success. Work is happening in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1556451 and related issues.

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