Home automation IKEA, how

(Lg Lindstrom) #1

I have a number of IKEA trådfri bulbs and remotes.
The remotes are currently connected to the bulbs and are placed by the entrance to the room where bulbs are located.

Beside the entrance to the apartment I would like to place another remote. By pressing that remote I would like to turn off all bulbs.

There is a lot of restrictions using Ikea trådfri so I hoped Mozilla Gateway should help me.

I have a raspberry pi 3 and a Zigbee Digistick.

How do I accomplish this.

Sorry for my english.

(Ben Francis) #2


I think probably the best way the Things Gateway could help you would be to set a rule which uses the remote to turn off all lights.

Unfortunately I don’t think we support the remote as a device yet, but that should be coming as we add a PushButton capability in the next release.

In the meantime I’m afraid you’ll be limited to connecting the remote to your bulbs directly or using your smartphone to turn all the lights off with a rule. You can add a virtual on/off button by adding the Virtual Things adapter add-on if that helps.

(Lg Lindstrom) #3


As I understan PushButton capability is added to the latest 0.6 version. I have different types of remotes, two from Phillips and three from IKEA.

Gateway seems not be able to discover those so I guess there is some more work to be done in the adapters.

For me, the only way to build a “usable” home automation system is to combine remote devices and applications.

So, is there some roadmap/plan to share ??

(Dave Hylands) #4

I’ve tried playing with the IKEA remotes, and based on that experience and based on several forum conversations I’ve found on the net, the IKEA remotes can only be used to talk directly to a light. They don’t support talking to a hub. The only way I’ve seen the IKEA remotes supported on a hub is that the hub setup a fake device to emulate a ZLL light and then the IKEA remote could be used to talk to the hub.

I haven’t yet tried the other remotes to see if they support binding to a hub.

(Lg Lindstrom) #5

I have tried a Raspbee Zigbee module. It was delivered with “demo” software. That software was able to connect to Philips hue remote ( https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/philips-philips-hue-smart-led-tap-control-switch-456699/10395308.aspx ).

Can I get this remote to work with Mozilla Gateway?
Can I get any remote to work with Mozilla Gateway?

(Dave Hylands) #6

I just ordered one of the Philips remotes, so I’ll be able to tell you next week.

This button https://www.smartthings.com/gb/products/smartthings-button and this 2-button dimming switch both work with the gateway, and generate events which can be tied into the rules engine for controlling things.

(Lg Lindstrom) #7

Have you played around with the Phillips remote ?

(Dave Hylands) #8

The Philips Hue dimmer remote (the rectangular one with 4 buttons) is now supported with the latest Zigbee adapter (0.6.5). You may need to reset it (follow the “RESET the Switch” section on this page: https://www.reddit.com/r/Hue/comments/3qbzvy/cannot_connect_hue_dimmer_kit_switch/ then you should be able to add it to the gateway. There are 2 properties (on/off and level) as well as an event for each button press.

(Lg Lindstrom) #9

Okay, I have some problems reset the switch , nothing happens ( = no diods are blinking ).

Can there be different versions of the switch ??
I have Model 324131137411.

(Dave Hylands) #10

Mine looks like this one:

and has a model number of 324131092621

I notice that they have a slightly different one that uses I and O rather than ON and OFF

(Lg Lindstrom) #11

Mine looks like this : Buy the Philips Hue Dimmer switch 046677473372 Dimmer switch

but with a different serial number …

I am going to try a few times more, and maybe change battery …