Need a working remote dimmer switch


I’ve searching for a remote dimmer that is working with Mozilla gateway.

I’ve tried Philips Hue dimmer switch ( 046677458140 but it is not working for me.
Unable to reset the unit.

This one is supposed to work 046677473372 but I’ve found no way to buy it in Europe. Shipping from US is ridiculous expensive.

I’ve also tried this Smart+ Switch Min but I can’t get it to work.

Any suggestions?
My requirements:

  • works with Mozilla Gateway
  • decent design
  • decent price ( including shipping )

Also tried this ones:
Philips hue Switch

Aqara Wireless remote switch

Ikea Trådfro Remote

Do you have a Conbee/ConbeeII Zigbee dongle or a Digi Xstick? We have found decent success with the Conbee dongles, to support Tradfri buttons, including the one you linked to.

I have both Conbee and Digistick.
Your “decent success” using Conbee… Can you share which remote you are referring to and some instructions?

I have gotten this Tradfri remote to work:

If not new out of the box, or had already been paired, go through the factory reset process on the remote, then click the “+” on Things page scan, then wait. It takes a while sometimes for the Zigbee scanning/pairing/provisioning process to complete before it shows up on the page.

Also, there are ways to debug the Zigbee adapter. Hopefully this wiki page is up to date: