Homepage (there should be an option for bookmarks)

In my opinion there really should be an option to set my homepage to have a bookmarks folder/just the bookmarks root.
I don’t find any use in shortcuts, sponsored or not, jump back in etc. So I just disable them all, because it’s rather limited, so now I just have an empty homepage with “search” and the firefox logo.
And to go to one of the bookmarks I either have to start typing the URL and hope autocomplete does it, or go through a bunch of clicks for no reason (click the 3 dots to open menu >> bookmarks >> desktop bookmarks >> bookmarks toolbar >> the folder I need >> now finally I am where I need to be).
I don’t use the browser for social apps on the phone and search is built into the UI, so when I am looking for a shortcut, I am not looking to open “youtube.com” or “google.com”, I am looking to open a specific page on a specific website, or a whole folder of specific pages, which is why shortcuts are completely useless to me (not to mention they are limited in number)
These features exist on the desktop, but are really annoying to deal with on the android app.