How can I increase sync frequency on Firefox for Android?

Sync has always been a painfully slow for me, regardless of having a perfect network connection. Without manually triggering the sync on all involved devices, I usually had to wait from anywhere to 5 minutes to multiple hours to be able to access the tabs of another device.

On desktop I could speed this up by decreasing the values of services.sync.scheduler.activeInterval and services.sync.scheduler.immediateInterval (the integers stand for seconds). This enhanced the overall sync experience, but it’s still far from what would be considered desirable. On Android I still need to do a manual sync from time to time.

The above about:config values don’t exist in Firefox for Android. How can I speed up automatic sync on Android?

I don’t believe there is a way to do that in modern Firefox for Android. The code controlling Sync lives outside Gecko where about:config lives.