How can we make Min Vid better?

(natan975) #41

Resizable window - it worked ok. Now, I can’t watch tutorials and working because windows is too small. I don’t wont change it everytime in settings.

(Lucas Fernandes ) #42


When opening a min vid of a video that is already playing, start the min vid playing together with the bigger player.

(George Thomas) #43

When allowing for resizing, an option to revert back to the default size would also be great :mag:

(John Vaclik) #44

Would be great if the MinVid could be activated not only through youtube page, but also from a video frame which had been posted on a forum or is a part of a paragraph.

And I am sure it is not only me who hates the progress bar. Or any progress bar for that matter. Just make the timeline auto-hide.

(Mir907472) #45

I would like to be able to choose where the video pops up by default. For example, right now it pops up in the upper-left corner, but I always have to drag it down to the bottom-right. Just setting this up for each corner would be useful in my case, but I could also see something more fine grained such as specific coordinates or persistent positions across sessions (set it in position, close it, will pop up in the same position when you open it again).

(Atd15) #46

As was mentioned before, support would be nice. Also I always misclick MinVid when try to launch video from right bar of youtube. It seize the half size of video image and exactly left side is naturally more likely to be hit if you’re going to switch video from there. Synchronization between main frame and MinVid is strongly required as well.

(Matheus Marinho) #47

Min Vid should seamlessy mirror the content being played (like Opera does) instead of loading it again.

(Quenz) #48

I want to use YouTube’s default player controls.

It has all the options I need, especially the speed option. I very often speed up certain YouTube videos. I occasionally use the other options too, like video quality, and closed captions.

I don’t see a need for the controls you’ve replaced them with. I suggest either remove them, or at least add an option to disable them in exchange for the default YouTube player.

It would be nice at the very least for the controls to come back when you double-click to go full screen. The quality change option is crucial there.

(Quenz) #49

Option to hide the progress bar. It’s a little distracting.

Another reason to prefer YouTube’s default player controls/interface, it does this by default. It shows again when you move your cursor over the video.

(Quenz) #50

A way to add multiple playlists that are separate from each other.

When you click “Open Queue”, there should be somewhere there you can add playlist. So say, you could add your YouTube “watch later” playlist, or a series you might be watching, and switch between them.

(Quenz) #51

A way to like a YouTube video would be great.

It’s the one thing the default YouTube embed doesn’t have. I want to support videos I like by liking them, but when using Mind Vid, I have to ‘send to tab’, then like it, which is awfully inconvenient.

(Quenz) #52

Videos that can’t play because of copyright reasons or whatever should be saved somehow, maybe to a bookmark folder or something like that. Alternatively, just figure out a way to make any video able to play in a regular tab, play in Min Vid.

(Paweł Wiejkut) #53

Hi guys !
First of all it is very nice to have this feature in mozilla, very good job :slight_smile: Before today i was used an Opera web browser, but then I try firefox in 57 version and it is prety nice, but only with yours feature !
If it is possible, I will be very happy if you could add support for more pages and allow to resize video.

(Merlyn Alexander) #54

This is my main request as well. I’m coming back to Firefox from Chrome, after years, and trying to replace an extension I use all the time, which is Floating for YouTube. I change the speed of most of the videos I watch on YouTube, so being able to access the normal YouTube speed/quality controls would be most excellent.

If possible, just remembering the last size/position of the window would be great too, since I’m going to be keeping the video in the same location each use. [EDIT: It already does this. I am silly.]

Thanks for the hard work on this extension! It’s much appreciated.


I second this approach. Coming from Opera, the fact that all I do is hover my mouse on any HTML5 video and a tiny icon pops out that let’s me keep the video on top really helps. This feature is great for, and even I don’t think you should be catering for specific services either such as Youtube? What’s the main scope, to be a flexible on-top Youtube player or a flexible HTML5 video player?

(Austin) #56

Definitely, something that would help. Min vid is my favorite test pilot addition so I’m always glad to see good ideas like this. Gotta love Mozilla, haha.



I want to be able to change the size of MinVid’s window.freely when playing.
If possible, like the firefox window.

Also, I would like to use MinVid on sites other than Youtube too.
There is a video site that is famous and popular only among Japanese people.
I think that there are other such countries.

(Alexa) #58

Im surprised that nobody mentioned must have feature that i use every hour - the speed up feature. its a pity that mozzila addons for speed tweaking yotube videos (example video speed controller) doesnt work with MinVid

(Jackieontravel) #59

point 1 is exactly what I’m expected. Looking forward to having this feature in the new release.

(Vitaliy) #60

Look at how this is implemented in Opera and repeat. More is not required.