How do I keep extension page open after Firefox restart?

Tabs from my extension (url starting with moz-extension://) disappear after Firefox restart.
I’ve noticed that extension pages from other extensions can be kept open after Firefox restart.
Is there anything I should do to keep my extension pages open after Firefox restart?


I think it’s just a race-condition. If Firefox manages to load the extension before the tabs are restored, it will be restored. Otherwise it won’t.
At least that’s my feeling because some of my extension tabs gets restored sometimes and sometimes not :frowning: .

I looked into this in a recent thread somewhere (can’t find it now) and if I recall correctly, Firefox didn’t restore an extension page if it was the active tab in the window, but did restore it if it was one of the other tabs.

That wasn’t it… see next reply.

Okay, finally found it:

In my testing there, if you Exit “properly” the tab is closed during shutdown, but if you close Firefox using the “X” button it is not. (Confirmed by comparing sessionstore.jsonlz4 files after shutdown.)

There’s a bug pending, but I suspect it won’t have a really high priority:

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