How do you select new mentors?

How do you select the new mentors and do you follow the mentors in how the mentor?

Mentors nominations are requested to reps-mentors list when needed and gathered together for Council review. Council reviews each nomination and decide if the person fits.

If a person is approved to become a mentor and accepts, he has to take an initial video-training with all the basics.

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Ok, and the second part of my question?

About how to follow how they mentor, Council regularly reviews mentor activity and mentees health and keep in touch with them if they need help.

The Reps portal provides data to see if someone needs help and contact him to know more.

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First, when the ratio of mentees:mentors is critical (currently is 10:1) we look for new mentors, we ask our current mentors to propose from their mentees those that they see fit for the role of a Mentor:

  • Is he able to lead others?
  • does he know all the how-to of the reps program?
  • can he communicate efficiently with others?
  • can he solve problems and mediate in conflict resolution?
  • is he able to teach others?

This and many others are the skills of leadership and management that we seek in mentors.

After the current mentors propose from their mentees their candidates the Council review those and finally decides if they are up to the role or not ready yet.

As a follow up, we have tools in the Reps portal that allows us to easily track the Reps activities (mentors and mentees) and we can see how active/inactive are, if a Mentor has lots of inactive mentees we reach him and try to see how we can help him to reach his mentees to reactivate them, if a mentor is inactive with lots of active mentees, we contact the mentor to see if he is able to continue as a mentor or not.

Also the Council prepares surveys that go live each couple of months for Reps to evaluate their Mentors performance and provide feedback over the program itself.