How I use containers

Hi all,
Since I :heart: containers I decided to share here how I use them.
I initially started off putting all my banking sites in Banking container, shopping it Shopping and so on. Now I gave it up. It’s too complicated. Now I have basically 2 things:

Personal - for social, shopping, banking and so on.
Temporary container - for everything else. I don’t even use the default container for new tabs. Every new tab has a new container.

It’s soo much simpler and cooler. I had this issue where I had to buy something online from the Shopping container and then got redirected to Paypal to pay which was in Banking and obviously the redirects always failed since the container switch make access to the cookies impossible. Now everything is in Personal. Super simple. No fuss :slight_smile:

Whenever a new feature is released for a piece of software the devs don’t always know how the users use that feature. Hope this helps shed some light into that.

Thank you for building this awesome feature!

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