How to add attachment in Quicktext for Thunderbird

I can’t for the life of me work out how to add an attachment to a template in the QuickText Thunderbird Add-on.

I’m using Quicktext v. 0.9.12, Thunderbird 52.8.0 (32 bit), Windows 7.

I understand assigning attachments was a Quicktext Pro feature but this link ( ) states that “Pro features have been merged into the official version of Quicktext.” Well I’ll be b******* if I can find how to do it!

Can anyone help?

That feature was not part of 0.9.12. It is part of v1.0 which has been released yesterday. Can you find it now?

Yes got it thanks. v1.0 working good. Well done and thanks for responding.


My name is Per and I am an alcoholic. I would like to contribute to Quicktext. So far I know very little javascript but I have lots of spare time to learn and Quicktext looks like a good place to start. So far I have downloaded the code from github but at the moment I understand very little. Regards, Per Gunnarsson

Hi! How can one to insert not full attachment name(into subject field) , but only the first three characters from it?