How to always show devtools without press f12

(18067087965) #1

Hi, I have reviewed the setting, and I cant find (hope not missed) an option that can set the devtools always showing when open a new tab, therefor I need an extra action : press the F12 key to display it, it`s not convenient.
my ff version is:65.0.2
Thanks for the great work!

(Harald Kirschner) #2

Hi there. Just to rephrase your use case so I can file it as feature: When opening a new tab from an existing tab with devtools open, you want to tab to open with devtools open, so that you can continue debugging.

I am personally a fan of this feature, as it feels like a natural extension of debugging and connects multi-tab app features.

(Sebastian Zartner) #3

This would also allow debugging popup windows opened from the current page, i.e. via, or links you opened in a new tab/window manually. As far as I know, this is currently not possible.

And if I’m not mistaken, there is already bug 1284012 on file for this.


(18067087965) #4

yes, that`s exactly what I want

(18067087965) #5

ok, thanks for the reply, hope it will be implemented in the not too distant future.