How to delete a project?

I added a test project that I would like to remove from the heroku app. I see in the interface a add new project but nothing to delete one. What is the proper way to remove a project from pontoon ?

When you log into Pontoon as a staff user, you have access to Django admin at /a (e.g. http://localhost:8000/a/), where you can access projects and delete them.

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thanks for the answer that’s exactly what I was looking for.

I assume it’s trivial for people using django but I didn’t know this backend interface was available.

@mathjazz, Do you think a “usage” section in the documentation could be usefule both for maintainer and translators ? (I’ll be happy to open both an issue and a PR)

Our docs (except for maybe dev docs) are in a bad shape.

We plan to refactor them. See:

Note that there’s also internal Mozilla docs which you might find useful:

Great to see that you are moving towards a centralized documentation. I think readthedocs (or at least Sphinx based) documentation is the way to go. Many of the problem displayed in the issue can be solved using the appropriate template. You can have a look at the pydata-sphinx-theme that will allow you to split the documentation in major sections like “usage”, “developers”, etc… as mentioned in the PR. also see this site fore a broader list of theme:

I don’t know if I can publish a message in the PR thread or if it’s meant for “core developer”, let me know I’ll be happy to give you my 2 cents (coming from an external developer)

Thanks for the suggestions! You’re very welcome to leave a comment on GitHub!