How to mark my addon as being Firefox desktop only?

I am making a web-extension that is tighly tied to a desktop application trough nativeMessaging. The web-extension alone is completely useless and neither nativeMessaging or the desktop application works on Android. The extension is not hence not compatible with Android.

However, when I perform an automated release on AMO, the extension pass tests without warning (and I think it should with nativeMessaging) and is listed to be compatible with Firefox For Android.

I want to tell AMO with the manifest.json that my web-extension is only compatible with Firefox desktop. How I does that ?


You can select if the uploaded version is compatible with android at upload time.

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I am using web-ext in my GitHub Actions release pipeline to automate that. As far I see, there is no (documented) way to specify this at upload time with the AMO API. Still thank you for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:.

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