How to test an addon on mobile?

I’m trying to test my browser extension for Firefox on android.

I found a lot of old articles (2020-ish) mentioning using collections, which I created and linked my addon. But there are no more menu under the settings in Firefox to manually add a collection. Also I don’t want to publish a new version for every trial and error.

So I think I understood there’s a way to test the addon with Android Studio. I got it installed, and I got my android phone paired with Wifi in the device manager. Last, my extension loaded as a project.

… But I’m not sure what to do from here to “load the extension on the phone”. Clicking Run>Run bring up a windows asking me to select a run configuration, and nothing seems to be close to “Firefox extension”.

Any pointers would be welcome.

This tutorial should be up to date:

There is also a video: