HowTo: DateTime add-on Sunset/Sunrise event with a +/- OFFSET in minutes?

I would like to use the nice DateTime add-on’s Sunset/Sunrise capability. Alas, at Sunset it’s too dark already and want that event nn minutes earlier. At Sunrise it’s still too dark and want my lights to remain on later.

Q: How would I implement a + and/or - minute OFFSET to either Sunrise or Sunset timers?

Ideally, this should be built into the DateTime add-on (MR?). I think there are probably add-on tricks to delay but I have no clue how to force Sunrise earlier by nn minutes.

My legacy X10 ActiveHome program supports offset natively in their advanced scheduling.

Thanks for hints…

You’ll have to convince the author to add that feature. Somebody already requested it here:

We also have a gateway issue:

After digging around, there is already a DateTime GITHUB issue requesting +/- OFFSET support for sunrise/sunset 16.

Guess I’ll use static time for the time being.

What is your Sunrise/Sunset set to? Civilian, nautical, astronaumical? Adjusting these vaules may give you the desired effect.

Hi I have a fork that includes this feature. I found that one of my bulbs was located in a darker room so I created an offset event. Let me share the code shortly.