HTML tree in Console

Hello. I want to see the html-tree of this code in the Console:

let div = document.createElement('table')
let p = document.createElement('p')


But it works as if I typed console.dir(div) showing it from the js-object perspective. Is there a way to see it as html-tree like it works in Chrome? I’d love to switch to Firefox for good.

In Chrome:

In Firefox:


looks like

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Thank you, indeed, that’s what it is. As I understand, P5 priority means it will never be implemented and there’s no way to have such a view in Firefox. Sad. Maybe some extensions can help?

not sure why it was assigned a P5 priority, as the comments seem to indicate it’s something we’d want.

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Indeed. Is there a way to revive the topic and increase priority?

Just to update this topic – the bug is raised to P2.