Webthings.io is down. Unable to access

Is https://webthings.io/ down again?
Unable to connect.

I get a ICANN lookup failure on the DNS registration. Don’t know the IP address of the server but wonder if using that would work?

I have been unable to logon too.

FYI: webthings.io is up again. Not sure when service was restored but I can access my home instance…

Hi, sorry for not replying to this sooner.

Unfortunately after a period of relative stability, we have recently been plagued by DNS outages again. The webthings.io registration server is crashing fairly regularly, which requires me to go in and manually reboot it (often late at night).

I think we now know what the cause of the problem is, but I don’t personally know enough about PowerDNS to fix it myself, or even put in place a workaround, and haven’t yet been able to find time to learn. I have filed an issue with the details in case anyone with experience of PowerDNS is able to help!

Apologies for the ongoing outages.