I can not login to Firefox add-ons


I have tried logging into the Firefox add-ons website several times over the past few days and can not login at all.

I follow the usual procedure of clicking the “Register or Login” at the top right corner of the webpage.

I am sent to this webpage as normal:
https://accounts.firefox.com/oauth/sign … ion=signin

My email address used for logging is entered correctly and I always double check to ensure no errors are made.

I then get this next webpage which advises me “Enable two-step authentication” to continue to “Firefox add-ons”

I am then asked to select and use a two-step authentication app to login.

The problem is I have NEVER EVER set up two-step authentication for my Firefox account as I don’t wish to use it.

The Firefox add-ons website insists upon me using two-step authentication.

This is an absurd situation as Firefox allows me login to my Firefox Account without two-step authentication, when I am logged in the Security Settings very clearly shows that two-step authentication is NOT ENABLED and I know that I have NEVER enabled that two-step uthentication.

Have Firefox made it mandatory to use two-step authentication for logging to the Firefox add-ons website?

If this is the case why are we given the option to NOT USE IT for logging into our Firefox Account, mandating its use to access Firefox Accounts would be more sensible because Firefox Accounts have more sensitive Profile information.

Could somebody advise what is going on.

I have a Firefox Account Recovery Code and two email addresses on my account both are fully verified.

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Developers need 2fa, yes:


I have never, ever been a Firefox developer

I am just an ordinary Firefox user,

I certainly don’t have the technical knowledge to be an add-on developer.

The point is that I have never enabled two-step authentication, it is very clearly disabled in my Firefox Account and so that requirement for extension developers should not be applied to me.

I have also tried the Firefox Troubleshooting Mode and created a new Firefox Profile and the problem persists.

This seems to be an technical issue with the add-ons website or something account related.

Hi @jputting, sorry for the frustration. Have you ever install an extension using Chrome Store Foxified? In doing so your account may have been set to “developer.”

If you can DM me the email address you use to log into AMO, I can check your profile to see what’s going on.


I do believe I tried using that add-on “Chrome Store Foxified” many years ago but it simply did not achieve it stated claims of allowing Firefox users to install Chrome Extensions and so it was uninstalled.

If this has set my account status to developer, can that status somehow be revoked or downgraded?.

I had the same problem:
Dev only because tested foxified.
Can you add (as it was before) 2 way for login:
1 - Simple
2 - Dev
The 2 step login is very complicate for only comment and review addon, no?.
I do it with an external progam (freeware and don’t need a mobile ):


If Mozilla is so concerned about security then why are we not made to use two-step authication for logging into our Firefox Account?.

Mandating its use to access Firefox Accounts would be more sensible because Firefox Accounts have more sensitive Profile information.

This inconsistency is yet another ludricous Mozilla decision which doesn’t make any sense at all.