Cannot login to Firefox Addons account

I am experiencing a problem in which I can’t login to my Firefox addons account.

Whenever I try to login I am forced to enable two-step verification on my account( I assume this is because I am an addon developer and am required to have more security than normal ). Enabling two step authentication works as expected, up until I try to confirm a recovery code. When I verify a code, it says that it has worked successfully, but then nothing happens after that such as being redirected and I am not logged in.

When I try to go back to the main site and login, it makes me enable 2-step authentication all over again hence I am stuck, and locked out of my account.

I have tried using multiple different browsers, using different authentication apps, and waiting a day.

What should I do to fix this?

Thanks, KDJ

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Hi @kdj, thanks for reaching out! Can you try enabling 2FA from your Firefox Account Settings ( and then try logging into AMO?

Thanks for the response @caitlin!

I have tried this and I was able to enable 2-step authentication through that page. However, the instant I refresh the page after enabling it, it seems to be disabled again.

I still get the same problem when trying to login to Firefox Addons.

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I have the same problem. :weary:
Any solution?


I have the same issue.
I used to have an authentification software that I lost with its configuration and can’t access my account, I’d like to administrate my addon :frowning:

Solution is here: