I used to log in with Github. Now with Firefox. How to recover the old account?

(Andrei Petcu) #1

I have messages in my account that I logged in with github. Can I migrate them to this account?

(Henrik Mitsch) #2

Hi @andrei,

Discourse identifies you based on the email address which is conveyed by the authentication provider (i.e. Github, FxA).

If you want to log into your “old account” with FxA, you would only need to make sure FxA uses the same email address as your primary Github email.

Does this help or am I misunderstanding your issue?

Best regards,

(Henrik Mitsch) #3

Follow-up after checking some things.
You are https://mozillians.org/u/andreip/, right?

Great thing is that both your email addresses are registered on your Mozillians profile.

If you are okay with continue to use FxA to log in to Discourse (and other sites on Mozilla IAM), then we can merge your two Discourse profiles into one.

Best regards,

(Andrei Petcu) #4

Yes, I am that Andrei.
Please merge my accounts.

I think I might have used my old email on one of these accounts andrei@ceata.org
Now my primary mail sould be andreip@posteo.net everywhere.

(Andrei Petcu) #5

If there are any conflicts between the accounts please keep the data on the other account. I made this account only for this specific issue.

(Henrik Mitsch) #6

@leo can you please take care of this? That would be awesome!

(Leo McArdle) #7


@andrei accounts merged, let me know if you have any further problems :slight_smile: