Merge accounts

I apologize if I chose the wrong forum.
A few days ago I changed my primary email address. Something went wrong.

A completely new user has been created.
And here everything is fine, the user since 2007.

Users have the same email addresses. In both cases, the same Firefox user is used to log in.

What have I done wrong?

Hi @ivkom! You haven’t done anything wrong. :slight_smile: (ATN) split off from (AMO) a few years ago. AMO uses two pieces of information to recognize a user: their email address and their Firefox Account ID. If you hadn’t logged into AMO since it transitioned to using Firefox Accounts for account management in 2016, or if you changed your email address as you mentioned, AMO would not recognize your login and create a new account.

You can try to recover your old account by doing the following:

  • Delete your new AMO account
  • Change the email address associated with your Firefox Account to your old email address
  • Log into AMO once
  • Then change the email address on your Firefox Account to your current address

Because ATN and AMO are now separate entities and operate exclusively of one another, you will still appear as two distinct users on those sites.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience and for the confusion. Let us know how it goes!


Thanks a lot! My account is back :grinning:

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