I want delete add-on that uploaded on add-on store

Hi. before question thank you for answering my question

Now, I have a problem with login firefox account because I forgot my 2nd authentication app, and recovery-code.
So I have to make new account for management add-on.

In this case, how can I remove my add-on on the store?

Summarize, I want to remove my add-on released with this account, and re-upload with my new account.

Thank you

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Hi @APTX_Wins!

That’s a tricky situation. You can create a new account and upload your add-on with that account. You can mention this situation and the old add-on in the notes section for reviewers so they know about it.

Removing the old one is a harder case. Since you don’t have access to the old account, it’ll be hard for us to confirm your identity.

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Can I confirm my identity with discourse.mozilla.org Account?
That’s why this account and my add-on acount use same gmail to authenticate.

There is any way to remove old one?