[IMPORTANT] Council change Elio <-> Alex

(Chiorean Ioana) #1

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Dear Reps,


  • Elio stepped down from Council due to personal reasons
  • Alex will fill this seat until the next election

Long Version

At the end of last month, Elio informed the Council about having to step down from his role as Council member. This is his personal decision, following an evaluation of where his volunteer Reps Council work fits in the challenging space between professional life, personal life and Mozilla volunteering.

We thank Elio for all the hard work in the Council, for stepping into discussions and driving initiatives. :heart:️ Elio will continue volunteering with Mozilla keeping his involvement in several projects :clap:t4: (Open Design, Mozilla’s Open Labs activities, MozTech Speakers ). He is stepping down only from his Council responsibility.

Following our Reps Leaving/ Dismissal SOP the peers were consulted: the Module owner must select a former Council member to fill the available seat until the next election. As a result I hold conversations with previous council members and Alex Lakatos was kind enough to join the Council for the next aprox. one months and a half, until the next elections will take place.

Thanks Alex for moving fast on this and embracing this responsibility.

Please join us in thanking @elioqoshi for his Council work and @alex_lakatos for stepping in!

On behalf of the Reps Peers,