[IMPORTANT] Council change Edoardo <-> Mayur

(Chiorean Ioana) #1

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Dear Reps,


  • @Edoardo_Viola stepped down from Council due to personal reasons
  • @yomanpatil will replace him in the seat until the next election

Long Version

Last month, Edoardo informed the Council about having to step down from his role as Council member. This is his personal decision, following an evaluation of where his volunteer Reps Council work fits in the challenging space between professional life, personal life and Mozilla volunteering.

We do thank Edoardo for all the hard work in the Council, for stepping into discussions and driving initiatives. :clap:t4: Edoardo will continue volunteering with Mozilla keeping his involvement in several other projects :clap:t4: (his latest contribution was at FOSDEM where he did a great work at the booth and also MC’ed more than half of the talks in the devroom). He is stepping down only from his Council responsibility.

Following our Reps Leaving/ Dismissal SOP and the last elections results ( and proposal in balancing the members) the peers were consulted: the Module owner will select the next person under the line in the latest elections. As a result I hold conversations with @yomanpatil and he was kind enough to join the Council for the next aprox. two months, until the next elections will take place. We consider this to have little to no impact as Mayur was in previous council so his ramp up time should be minimal. One note, this is NOT considered a new term for him so will not affect/impact his eligibility in the future elections.

Thanks Mayur for moving fast on this and embracing this responsibility.

Please join us in thanking @Edoardo_Viola for his Council work and @yomanpatil for stepping in!

On behalf of the Reps Peers,

(Rizki Kelimutu) #2

Thanks for stepping in @yomanpatil. I’m sure The Council team glad to have you back.

And thank you @Edoardo_Viola for all your hard work in the Council. (:

(Edoardo Viola) #3

Hello everyone,
I wait the official post from Ioana about it, first to write some words about my decision.

In all those months passed inside the council I worked to reach our objective (OKRs) and in general to follow the goals shared with all of you first of my elections.

After some months I seen that effectiveness of those actions that we tried to take was not too high, and sometime we are focused on make simple duty than discuss and try to define new strategies to improve our lovely program in the new directions and evolution that day by day happen.

So, after the last All Hands where we are seen which are the new challenges that we have in our program, I taken this decision.

I was tired to feel that the activities that I’m doing was only Time-consumption, and not productive for the program, so,
In order to try to speed-up the process of re-evaluation of the work flow(especially regarding effectiveness of the action toDo for the next important OKRs),seeing that the next election will be in a couple of months, I decided to give the right importance at the disappoint felt by me, and I toke the decision to step back and force the council to sit down and listen my concerns.
Specifically I proposed to:

  1. Review the OKRs plan at the start to see if exist overlap with others or if the plan is too much complicated to follow
  2. Involve directly all the reps interested in activities to maintain the program
  3. Focus more the Council in define strategies to resolve issues or to moving forward in the program
  4. Make a circular system of all the actions done by the council (Specifically: is not possibile that one persone inside the council make the same thing for all the year, is important to have a circular system where all the council member can get in touch with the different activities)
  5. Remove the overlap (happen that sometime the council member want to focus their actions in the same thing this is not good and decrease the time that the council can spend to make strategies or other activities)
  6. In general (not only in the council) when someone write document of strategies it is important to give the credits of who a though what. We are a community OpenSource and in the code development we know how much it is important say who are done what. The same must be done in general in everything. We are a community not some “solo-players”.

My priorities was and will be to follow the program and the foundation with all my energies, and I hope in future to have the same trust given by all of you in all the activities that I do for the reps program and in general inside the different projects and program made by Mozilla where I participate.

I would love for sure to candidate my self in future for the council, and I hope that all of you can understand why I though that it is very important that the council right now will be more focused on the effectiveness in this historical moment for our communities.

For sure I will not candidate my self for the next round of elections, but for sure in future I will re-ask your trust to have the opportunity again to be honoured to represent you in the council of our lovely reps program.

If some of you want to share a comment, and or want to express anything I would love to read and Reply.

For sure I will continue to remain here around, and please reach me anytime you want discuss about anything!

Thank you so much for your trust!
It was the thing that I put in front of anything on my experience inside the council!


(Rubén Martín) #4

Thanks @edovio for all your contributions to the Council, really looking forward to keep talking with you about the program and its future.