Importing credentials from other sources

I’ve been using LastPass for some things, KeepassXC for others that are
less web-based. While I can export those from their respective tools,
I’d like to be able to bulk import into Firefox for the purpose of
trying Lockbox. Suggestions?


Thanks for your support and desire to try Lockbox!

If you’re using a Windows machine, I believe you can import passwords from another browser using these instructions:

Unfortunately this doesn’t work on devices running OSX. As far as I know, there isn’t a good way to import passwords from other browsers into Firefox on Macs.

As for importing from other password managers and/or csv files, I’m not aware of any options currently available. It’s on the Lockbox team’s radar but not on our near-term roadmap.

One of our team members wrote a Python script to create and import random accounts. If you wanted to hack on a solution, this could be re-purposed to import other records.


Cool, thanks Sandy! I’ll play with that script, as I figured I could import a subset of accounts for experimentation.




+1 on the request to allow importing! LastPass allows exports in a standard format, this would make it easy for me to switch. It appears LastPass removed the feature from the browser feature make things more difficult.


I don’t understand how a project like this can start out without the anticipation of this issue this should be the first thing people have had lives before lockwise. We’ve been using LastPass or keepassed so many others and you come late in the game and don’t provide a way to import thousands of passwords that are already existing that is a recipe for just failure I mean did you make it just to close it wow the audacity to not think of that. Ivealways been Firefox fan but I might have to pass from now on


I agree. There needs to be the ability to migrate from things like “lastpass”.


Another vote for this. I would switch over and use Firefox Lockwise (instead of “Password Safe” which I’ve used for 10 years) if Lockwise provided any sort of mass import feature. Even if the import format is a single Lockwise-specific format as a first phase, I’d be willing to do the work transforming the data export format from another password manager into the required import format.

I’m sure that creating an import feature with a single format (the same as the Lockwise export format) would be a relatively easy task initially.

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Up !

I agree with the previous posts, I really have a lot of passwords saved on LastPass. As long as an import option does not exist on Lockwise, I could not make the transition …


It is absurd this isn’t on the near term roadmap. How do you expect us to switch from what we are using to Firefox? I’ve got hundreds of saved passwords in Bitwarden, which I moved to from 1Password, which I moved to from LastPass. I’d love to try Lockwise, but how do you expect me to do it?


Hi there,

Since I had the exact same issue when trying to migrate from Chrome to Firefox, I’ve ended up taking the script mentioned by @Sandy_Sage and tweaking it to process and import any csv file containing passwords.

It’s a dirty/quick hack who work only for Linux/OSX, but it may help someone facing the same issue, here is a link to the repo: lockwise-password-importer


This should have been on your Minimum Viable Product list. Not being able to bulk import from another password manager, particularly in CSV form, is a huge miss for the Lockwise team. Until this is added, I’m passing on Lockwise.


Just one more to say - it’s rather short-sighted of Mozilla not to prioritise this. It kinda suggests they’re not taking Lockwise seriously, which isn’t encouraging.


This topic needs to be addressed. Import from CSV can’t just be a “nice to have” if you actually want people to migrate over from other password managers. My lastpass vault has a few hundred entries, I’m definitely not gonna copy them over one-by-one by hand.


Another upvote from me, it’s quite simply a basic requirement before being able to use Lockwise.


+1. I’d love to use Lockwise, but I’m stuck on LastPass until I’m able to import. This should already be a feature.


Any reaction from the lockwise team to this feature request?


+1 the only thing stopping me from using Lockwise is not being able to import from Lastpass.


Importing from files should definitely be added!

I created a small script to import my Lastpass data over, hopefully some find it useful or tweak it for their use.


Upvoting. I was sincerely surprised this was not a basic feature, even more to find that there is no Mozilla backed solution.

Word of caution, if you are going to run your passwords through a script, you should read it first, and know what it does. This is not to diminish the work of those who posted their scripts. Thank you for sharing!

The fact that I can’t import my hundreds of passwords makes this product a total non-starter. I was ready to jump ship from Lastpass – then I discover it’s not even an option.

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