Importing credentials from other sources

I’ve been using LastPass for some things, KeepassXC for others that are
less web-based. While I can export those from their respective tools,
I’d like to be able to bulk import into Firefox for the purpose of
trying Lockbox. Suggestions?

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Thanks for your support and desire to try Lockbox!

If you’re using a Windows machine, I believe you can import passwords from another browser using these instructions:

Unfortunately this doesn’t work on devices running OSX. As far as I know, there isn’t a good way to import passwords from other browsers into Firefox on Macs.

As for importing from other password managers and/or csv files, I’m not aware of any options currently available. It’s on the Lockbox team’s radar but not on our near-term roadmap.

One of our team members wrote a Python script to create and import random accounts. If you wanted to hack on a solution, this could be re-purposed to import other records.


Cool, thanks Sandy! I’ll play with that script, as I figured I could import a subset of accounts for experimentation.