Improvement in the Wiki Pages about the Reps Program

(Edoardo Viola) #1

Hello Guys, I have seen that sometimes not all the information inside the wiki are not updated and sometimes it is not easy to find everything that we need to know as Reps in those pages. If it is reasonable for the council Team and the Peers team, I can help to maintain updated all those resources.

Let me know, if someone other has the same feeling and if everyone finds interesting to maintain updated all those information.



A worthy endeavor: count me in!

(Tanzeel Khan) #3

Count me in as well! :wink:

(Ranjith Raj) #4

It’s a good initiative, count me in.

(Michael Kohler) #5

Indeed a great initiative, happy to see somebody outside of Council stepping up! Generally, I don’t see any issue with doing this, and I don’t think you need the blessing of the Council or Peers. However, we should be careful with the SOPs, for these we definitely need a discussion if it’s not simple typo fixes.

I’ve started a cleanup page some time ago, there are still some items left. Maybe a good start would be to populate this with inaccuracies from the different pages so we get an overview of what would need to be done?

(the Reps descriptions and FAQ is something we will tackle already, no need to change anything there yet: Reps descriptions on the Internet. I’d say we will share a new description for broader feedback within the next month or so)

(Spike) #6

Just a quick comment please, from the WMO admin viewpoint. Although we are delighted that you are getting organised to update these unloved and stale pages, we would urge caution when you are considering deleting whole pages or significant amounts of content - although the information may be superseded and not longer valid it may be important from a historical or cultural perspective. In such cases we would suggest that, rather than deleting page or all the contents you could consider adding a header to the page with wording like “SUPERSEDED INFORMATION” or similar.
Thank you - Spike

(Edoardo Viola) #7

I agree with you Spike.
My goal is not delete anything, but, be sure that the information given for the active project are updated. We can maintain the old ones and write specifically discontinued or something that are great for anyone!

(Spike) #8

Adding the “Outdated” template to the old pages (ref would be a good idea.
Leaves to old info there for interest but flags that it is not to be trusted :slight_smile: