Reps descriptions on the Internet

(Michael Kohler) #1

Hi everyone

My next step as a Reps Peer will be to coordinate a small project to update the Reps Program description wherever we use it. This of course will be a proposal first, Peers will start to work with Council on this and then we will ask for feedback from all Reps. For the proposal, I’m trying to evaluate where we use a description of the Reps program and would love your help.

These are the sites with a description of the Reps program that I could fine for now. Do you know of any others? (bottom left)


(Michael Kohler) #2

And of course :slight_smile:

(Henrik Mitsch) #3

Additional places of Reps program descriptions:


(Michael Kohler) #4

Great, thanks! Keep it coming so we catch everything :slight_smile:

(Michael Kohler) #5