Improving Budget System

This topic was created because the previous topic was too much for people to go through.

A summary of the questions and answers provided

Why are the budget bugs not open?

Can Mozillians start asking for budget/swag directly without having to go through someone else?

What are the questions that are still open?

Leaving this empty because rhetorical questions are being considered as literal questions by the people who are responding. Converting most of the questions into problems because the questions are actually about problems.

What are the problems that we want to solve?

The problem we want to solve is figuring out the most efficient way of distributing whatever budget exists for community mobilization.

Further problems will be addressed in the next post about accountability.

Thanks for splitting this out. Would you mind rephrasing this into a problem statement, rather than assuming that “the most efficient way of distributing whatever budget exists for community mobilization” is the solution for everything (which IMHO is way too broad - even when considered a solution)? What are the underlying problems? Then we can discuss these problems in relation, or separately, depending on how interconnected those are.


Do you think there is any problem in the budget distribution? It is a community wiki. Feel free to take a stab at improving the problem statement.

To be honest, I really don’t know much about the budget system. (I’ve never had access to file a budget bug). My points about budgets are all about transparency and accountability and not related to budget.

I created this topic because Nuke asked to. If you feel like it’s useful, feel free to use it.