Improving Program visibility and accountability

This topic was created because the previous topic was too much for people to go through.

A summary of the questions and answers provided

A couple of questions are included in the thread about improving application & onboarding and budget system.

What are the questions that are still open?

Leaving this empty because rhetorical questions are being considered as literal questions by the people who are responding. Converting most of the questions into problems because the questions are actually about problems.

What are the problems that we want to solve?

Lack of anonymous feedback sharing mechanism about the reps program

With no invitation for anonymous feedback, community members are not able to give honest feedback about the reps program to anyone. There are people who don’t want to speak up because they are scared it will affect their reps application.

Lack of accountability to community

  • Reps are accountable to reps-council and mentors only.
  • The goals/plans/vision of reps aren’t visible to the community.
  • There is lack of clarity in the role/duties of individual reps in the community which makes it impossible for the community to hold them accountable to anything. This also could be because the role of reps aren’t visible.

I think anonymous feedback is a great idea, but it may lead to false feedback.
Solution: Feedback is not anonymous, but it is displayed without revealing the identity of the person.

I agree with this.