Inappropriate Themes

Hi MaDonna,
you have preceded me notifying this theme… unfortunately I approved it … an oversight :flushed:

@amyt ^^

I think this design falls under the following guidelines rule: Images depicting or advocating self-harm.

I totally agree.

Thanks for removing…

There is nothing wrong with the design itself but the description is what I’m questioning. Now I didn’t click on the link but it seems to me that it might be a link to download Steven Tyler’s album, and probably not legally. Plus, the designer seems to have deleted their account as well. So I’m putting this here for someone to make a judgement call regarding the description.
Also, since there are people using the design, perhaps the description (and link) can just be removed?

We’ll take a look, thanks!

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I inadvertently approved this theme not taking notice to the title and description (which isn’t in English) but I think it’s a spam theme. The image itself is okay, it’s the title and description that’s questionable.

Got it, thanks!

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Okay, I approved this design; however, the title was not what it is now and there was no description. Seems the person edited it after I approved it.
The title and description are what is the issue. Another spam one.

Just did a Pokemon Go search and there are a bunch of spam designs up.

Perhaps we need to have title and description edits approved as well. :unamused:

Thank you for reporting–we’ll remove them.

You’re welcome.

Found some new Pokemon Go spam designs.