Inappropriate Themes

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(❤️) #23

For several days I have been careful to check the contents of the descriptions, knowing that they could contain pokemon spam … then I can to be sure that the theme noted above by Pamela was “clean” (also it is so obvious that it was just hard not to see it!)
I wonder if the descriptions are edited at a later time after having passed the first approval, as to make this change does not need further one…:confused:

(amyt) #24

Yes, it’s possible :-/ Thank you for being vigilant on these.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #25

What looks like photos of female genitalia that have been graphically edited.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #26

Ran across a design with a pedobear image on it.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #27

I came across this image which basically looks like a drawing of a topless woman but with tattoos over the breasts (and elsewhere), but it appears as if nipples are visible. So, another opinion would be good.

(Caitlin Neiman) #28

Thanks, @VanillaOrchids! This one is ok.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #29

Okay, thank you!

(Pamela Rosensteel) #30

This design appears to have what looks like a drawing of Mickey Mouse beheaded on a chopping block.

(Caitlin Neiman) #31

Thanks, @VanillaOrchids! Sorry for taking so long to respond to this – looks like it was moderated.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #32

No problem. I did notice that it had been taken care of.

(❤️) #33
I report this theme that perhaps was rejected for “Inappropriate or offensive content” because Daniele Poli is name and surname of a person and translated overall from Italian means
Daniele Poli must die

(Caitlin Neiman) #34

Thanks, @candelora! I just removed the theme.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #35

This design has a pedobear on it and the designers username is Pedobear as well.

This design is a duplicate of a design already online and doesn’t have a pedobear graphic on it; however, the title of the design is: toxic city pedobear

(Caitlin Neiman) #36

Thanks @VanillaOrchids! I just removed both themes.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #37

I think this one might be questionable since it has the text “Commit Suicide” on it.

(Caitlin Neiman) #38

I just took this down – it could be interpreted as glamorizing suicide.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #39

Duplicate designs showing a guy with a gun (albeit probably not a real gun) to his head.

(Ma Donnas Personas) #40

I was just going to report this one. Thank you for doing it first!