Inconsistent link and script tag highlighting

There’s an inconsistent theme for the highlighting of link and script tags in the Inspector.

Some tags are completely grey and not highlighted with the normal colors for html elements. It occurs frequently to script and link tags at the bottom of html documents. It also seems to be pretty common for noscript tags also.

I presume it’s a deliberate design choice to grey out the elements that aren’t so important. But it would be nice if there was an option to highlight script tags like normal element tags.


Hey, thanks for the feedback. This is indeed on purpose.
The way this was designed is that any element that is not “rendered” in the page would be grayed-out in the inspector.

So that means script tags, link tags, but also any element that happens to have a CSS of display:none or something like this.

There is unfortunately no setting right now to prevent this from happening.
Could you describe your need here? Would you like this feature to keep on existing, but leave the script/link tags colored? Or would you rather have a setting to turn this off entirely?