Increasing participation by a Win-Win mechanism

For now, random sentences are given to the user to spell, the user is doing so just to help the community, I may feel that I’m wasting my time a little because these sentences don’t have any sense to me. I suggest providing the user the possibility to select the domain of the sentences he is going to spell. For example, maybe I’m interested in geography, and maybe spelling geography-related sentences will be more beneficial for me, so I may spend more time reading the sentences.

Adding Categories to the sentences could be a good things IMO, mainly to distinguish between local variants of a language, e.g. British English and American English.

But I think adding categories like “Geography” to every of the millions of sentences would be an absurd amount of work, that simply isn’t worth the outcome. It simply isn’t practical.

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I agree. But the problem that I see is especially for low-resource languages like Arabic. People don’t get the importance of participating in the community. So If they can get something in return they might be interested. At least if they can read things that are interesting to them. I know that making this a win-win thing is maybe difficult. But it is it will increase participation rates.

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Hey @J-Mourad thanks for sharing your idea.

As part of the product roadmap we would like to build functionality to highlight the domain of text corpus (collection of sentences) e.g medical or agriculture to support a variety of text.

We hope to consult with contributors regarding in the next few months.