Inspect element - add new class

(Matemolnar88) #1

Hi guys,

It’s been a while I’m using the firefox and I really like it. Especially the developer edition, full of useful tools and etc.

But I also came across with a strange thing (for me at least) which is in the “inspect element” area. For example - if you go to the site. And open up the inspect elements and select an area (a div for instance) and then in the style section (right part of the inspect elements bar) choosing the “toggle classes” button and then type a bootstrap class - for example the “bg-primary” which will coloring the background of an element. You will see then the result before you hit the enter. Most browsers will does it, except the firefox. In firefox you have to hit the enter to see the outcome.

I would very much appreciate it if someone could help me about this.

(Patrick Brosset) #2

I had no idea that Chrome did this without typing enter. I’m the one who implemented the feature in Firefox, and yes, you do have to press enter there unfortunately.
Doing like Chrome seems like a good idea. So I’ve filed a bug for us to think about doing it in the future:
Thank you for reporting this!

(Matemolnar88) #3

Good news! I will be pleased the most! I can’t wait to use it FF!
Thank you very much!

(Matemolnar88) #4

It seems like, using the site’s (own) style behind the scenes. It makes sense for me. Otherwise the site will take no effect at all. That what I figured out so far. How this method could work with the “add new class” feature