Two useful features available in Chrome

(Luca) #1

I found this interesting article about “how to effeciently use some less known Inspectors features”.

I am impressed especially by first two topic, available in Chrome, to Toggling Classes With Checkboxes and “Editing Content with designMode”.

Can we consider to implement something similar?

(Julian Descottes) #2

Toggling classes was actually recently implemented by @pbrosset (see ! It will ship with Firefox 55.

And regarding document.designMode = "on", it’s actually a document API ( and is already available in Firefox. Just open the Console and type document.designMode = "on"

(Andrei Petcu) #3

You know what @ldetomi? That is a pretty cool feature!

I made a WebExtension for toggling document.designMode. It is under review in AMO.

It usually takes a day to get passed the review :smiley:

(Andrei Petcu) #4

Hmmmm… my addon only works in Firefox Nightly :frowning:

Error: No window matching {“matchesHost”:["<all_urls>"]}

I did not ask for that permission.

So… @ldetomi you can have that feature only if run Nightly for now :frowning: